What is the concept of an Strain farm project?

Strains farm is a fully automated indoor appliance for cannabis and other vegetables cultivation at home. Does not require any specific knowledge either professional skills in crops growing. Based on Strain team substantional experience in industrial hydroponics and LED grow lighting, all technologies are safe, efficient and sustainable providing customers with rich organic yield shortly. All agricultural cycles related to the growth and harvest of a crop are running automatically and may be easily monitored via smartphone.

What is this techology about?

Our approach formed on a combination of hydroponics with LED lighting to secure the optimal way for plant growing. All plants get nutrient supplements mixed with water along with air. The hydroponics method stimulates plants grow faster in comparison with traditional agricultural approach. Balanced nutrient solution contains such macroelements as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca), sulfur (S) e.t.c, all these supplements enriching water unlike natural soil is not able to produce a high volume of nutrients as hydroponics can deliver.
Strain scripted system provides the required quantity of supplements to plant roots. Soil loses its nutritional value and is difficult to measure a proper balance of PH and fertility.

Any information regarding market potential?

North American sales are projected to top $20.2 billion by 2021 assuming a compound annual growth rate of 25%. The report includes USA, Canada for the first time as it moves towards implementing legal adult use marijuana. Investors are predominantly interested in investing in new technologies linked to cannabis industry like home appliances and new fast growing technologies supported by apps.

Are there any competitive advantages of your product?

The current moment both US and Canada markets are relatively young and not saturated. despite a significant rise of cannabis consumers. Strain indoor farm is a brand new home appliance differentiates from few labels by the following features:

  • Scripted short growing cycle of plants in light of an optimal balance of water and fertilizers in collaboration with defined efficient LED lights.
  • Strain farm is the best solution to maximize ultimate cannabis yield at harvest. A scheme of two vegetation cells installed inside appliance presenting an option to get yield of two large plants in sequence. Thus there is no need for customer to meet a 100-120 day long waiting period as suggested by our competitors. Two vegetative cells may spontaneously provide customers with fresh organic cannabis harvest every week.
  • Strain farm is the only one manufacturer puts a spotlight on an efficient solution of customer non-involvement into vegetative processes occurring inside Strain appliance. It means that there is no necessity to conduct numerous checkups of ph level, carbon filters rotation, TDS calibration, nutrient cartridges replacement. The only activities you have to commit as an Strain holder on a weekly basis are water removal from tank and filling it again with a new portion, then mixing it with Strain nutrients. All the procedures takes up to 5 minutes a week of customer’s time.
  • There is no additional hidden maintenance cost which appear to be quite unexpected for users. Strain buyers get a free set of supplements covering needs in nutrition for one year at least.
  • An elegant design makes Strain home a new distinguishable part , considerably individualizing your residential interior and attracting attention of guests.
  • Strain farms are covered by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Unlike substantional number of new teams applying for ICO funding, Strain team accumulated serious experience in indoor cultivation and home farms design and production.

What’s the estimate shipping cost in the US?

Approx 200-300 USD within the USA.

Does this product already exist?

Yes, in comparison with the majority of ICO projects we have already developed and tested an Strain agro appliance. On the other hand due to the luck of relevant production facilities there is no opportunity to make considerable sales, therefore the main task of ICO round is to launch a large-scale production of Strain farms in the Canada.