Strain Project

Fully automated and app-controlled farm to harvest chemicals-free cannabis.

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It's time to grow

Strain is a self-contained system which does not require professional agronomic skills to grow. Our customer may easily control and monitor cultivation cycles by smartphone. Strain home farm can be easily placed indoor providing its customers with pure organic and high quality products.

Tech specs

  • Advanced LED lightining*

  • Temperature
    and humidity control*

    Installed climate control system provide
    short-term vegetation processes.

  • 2 vegetation cells*

    Allow to grow two large plants

  • Security lock*

    Keep your plants safe

  • Size*

    Strain farm is about an
    ordinary refrigerator size

We're putting a farm in every home

For Home

Integrate a Strain farm into your home and grow pure organic and high quality cannabis. Start up a profitable farm at your home!

For Business

Maximize your harvest potential and bring farm additional revenue.


2014 November-December

An idea of indoor home farms generation. Market evaluation, R&D of agro technologies in hydroponics.

2015 January-March

Product development and pre-launch testing procedures of strawberry and salads cultivation models.

2015 March-June

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android development. Obtaining required licenses.

2015 August

First appliances sales start in the Asian market (the Gulf and CIS states).

2016 December - 2017 August

First stage of Strain farms development for cannabis cultivation. Pre-start testing procedures of Strain cannabis grower.

2017 September-December

Preparation procedures for ICO stage.

2018 January

the ICO campaign.

2018 February

The enterprise development. Collected funds will be put on the Estonian company account then transfer from Estonia to Strain Canada in order to start project realization. Submitting documents to obtain necessary licenses. Strain tokens official listing.

2018 August

Strain product sales launch in USA.

2018 October

Strain product sales launch in Canada.

Pre-sale marketing activities worldwide and global sales official launch.

Strain Crew

Captain Alexey Baranov

CEO and Founder, Founder of Fibonacci

First Pilot Andrey Fetisov

Co-founder, Former blablabla officer

Chief brand officer Anna Egorova

Co-founder, Former blablabla officer

Business analyst Igor Chupakhin

Co-founder, Former blablabla officer

Captain Alexey Baranov

CEO and Founder, Founder of Fibonacci

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